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Pilot License In The USA

Convert your existing foreign license, fly recreationally, learn to fly or upskill,
or seek Pilot employment in the USA.

Converting your foreign Pilot license to an FAA license will allow you to fly recreationally and hire aircraft in the USA. Fly for fun or continue your training.

Flight training is better value for money and more fun in the USA. We can offer training solutions for zero-experience applicants through to licensed pilots seeking to add a new endorsement to their license or obtain a higher license.

The vast and diverse landscape of the United States not only offers a plethora of destinations but also provides an unparalleled flying experience for aviation enthusiasts.

USA Pilot

The USA Aviation Industry is booming which means more job opportunities. We can assist you with hour building and employment opportunities after completion of your training.

Learn To Fly Services

Learn to Fly USA provides access to the highest standard of training, modern, safe and well maintained aircraft and facilities, and the amazing experience of living and flying in the USA. 

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Pilot License with Learn To Fly USA

Full Service Referral And Consulting Company

Learn to Fly USA is an Australian owned and operated full service referral company specialising in all aspects of flight training in the USA, and conversion to FAA license for foreign license holders.

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Advantages Of Flying in The USA

Pay Less

Fly More

Lifestyle and Travel

Employment Opportunities

Aviation Facilities

Training Providers

USA Lifestyle

There is so much to see and do in the USA that even with a Pilot license and the ability to travel at hundreds of kilometers per hour you will simply be overwhelmed with the travel opportunities available to you.

As part of the Commercial Pilot License Course, you will be required to build hours flying solo or with another Pilot within the USA. The course requires over 50 hours of ‘time building’ flight time which equates to potentially 10,000 km of exploration and sightseeing.



Enrolments are now open for training courses commencing in 2024. Apply now to secure your position.