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Flight Training For All Levels

Embark on your aviation journey with Learn To Fly USA. From novice to experienced pilots, discover cost-effective flight training options in the USA. Benefit from lower costs, more flying hours, and international employment opportunities. Start your pilot training with us and soar to new heights in the vast and exciting world of aviation.

Aviation Diploma

Zero And Low Time Applicants

Start your Pilot training here. Training packages cater for zero or low time applicants who have limited or no previous training, do not already hold a Pilot license and are looking to start their Pilot training journey.

Flight Training For Experienced
And Licensed Pilots

If you’ve already started your training or hold a pilot license, we can tailor a program to suit you goals and experience level that will complement the training you have already completed and minimise overlap making it a cost effective option to finish your training in the USA.

how to become a pilot

Instructor Training

Becoming an instructor is an excellent way to refine your knowledge and skills and build hours while earning an income. We offer training for Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) and Multi Engine Instructor (MEI). Enquire about working Visas for Flight Instructors.

Licence Add On Endorsements And Ratings

After completing your Private or Commercial license, or transferring your foreign license we offer training for a range of additional endorsements such as Instrument, Multi-Engine and Complex (CSU and retractable gear).


flight training in the USA

Flight training in the USA offers several advantages over other countries like Australia, including cost-effectiveness, abundant flight schools and airports, the opportunity to accumulate more flying hours for less money, and international employment prospects. The USA’s diverse travel opportunities during training, a larger aviation community, and rigorous quality assurance standards for flight training providers further contribute to its appeal.

Pay Less

Flying in the USA is cheaper for many reasons. The size of the aviation industry brings with it economies of scale and reduced operating costs for every aspect of flight training. Aircraft cost less to operate and therefore hire and when your training is based around hours flown, every dollar counts.

Fly More

Cheaper flying equates to more hours. Aviation employment criteria are often based upon minimum hour requirements. There is no easy way around it, you have to build hours and hours cost money. Lower cost flying translates to more flying hours in your log book for the same amount of money.

Lifestyle & Travel

During your pilot training, you will fly between 10,000 and 50,000 kilometers. That’s enough to fly around the world! Why not experience and see parts of another country while you train and build hours. The USA is perfect for travelers looking to explore, with endless places to visit and experience.

Training Providers

Each of the Flight Training providers (Flight Schools) that we refer to, undergo an extensive evaluation and review process to ensure that they meet our high standards and expectations. This ensures that you will receive the best level of training and have access to high quality and well maintained aircraft and facilities.

Aviation Facilities

With more than 20,000 airports, the USA has more airports than any other country in the world making it an aviator’s paradise. Flying opportunities and travel destinations are endless with more facilities and greater accessibility than any other place on earth.

Employment Opportunity

With a booming aviation industry and a Pilot shortage, there is a huge demand for Pilots in the USA. With the F1 VISA we can structure your training program to allow you to commence work in the USA after completing your training.

USA Lifestyle Tourist Hotspots

The USA is home to hundreds of famous tourist attractions spread all over the country which become easily accessible with a Pilot’s license.


Enrolments are now open for training courses commencing in 2024. Apply now to secure your position.