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Aviation Diploma

Before You Fly

The USA has the largest general aviation industry in the world and it continues to grow rapidly. There are substantially more companies and operators requiring pilots and therefore far more employment opportunities in the US.

Pay Less. The enormous aviation industry brings with it incredible economies of scale and opportunities within the industry. Aircraft are cheaper to purchase, maintain, operate and hire, reducing overall operating costs. Those reductions lower the cost of flight training in the USA.

Fly More. Cheaper flying equates to more hours. Aviation employment criteria are often based upon minimum hour requirements. There is no easy way around it, you have to build hours and hours cost money. Lower cost flying translates to more flying hours in your logbook for the same amount of money. If you are flying for fun and to travel, your dollar will take you much further in the USA.

Employment opportunity. A larger industry also requires a lot more staff to keep it moving, offering far greater employment opportunities in the USA which you will be able to take advantage of with an FAA license.

No, you do not need any flying experience or aviation training. We specialise in providing training packages for ‘zero hour’ applicants.

In order to train in the USA and obtain a pilot license you will need to be capable of gaining entry to the USA which may require VISA approval and a security clearance. You will also need to be able to obtain an FAA medical at the class required for your intended license.

If you have specific questions or concerns about meeting VISA and security requirements or meeting FAA medical standards please contact us to discuss your individual case.

Click ‘APPLY NOW’ at the top of the page, complete your information including aviation experience and qualifications, and your goals. We will contact you with more information specific to your goals and experience level.

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Flight Training

Training packages are currently available for Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Complex Endorsement and Instructor qualifications.

We offer training packages for:

– ‘zero hour’ applicants with no previous flying experience or training,

– clients with flying experience who have completed some training but may not have completed a license, and 

– Licensed Pilots seeking to advance their training and obtain additional licenses, ratings or endorsements, or convert their existing foreign license to FAA.

We continue to identify and review potential training providers and expand the types of training offered. If you are seeking to undertake specific training or obtain a license or endorsement not currently listed, please contact us to discuss further and join our mailing list for updates as more training options become available.

Where you will be required to start your training within the syllabus is dependent upon your individual situation, how your previous training was managed and your training records. In most cases the training and licenses you have completed will be recognised and transferable to minimse overlap and having to duplicate training. We encourage you to contact us so that we can review your training history and determine the best way to continue and complete your training in the USA.

Training periods are dependent upon your current experience level, the type of training and licenses you would like to complete, and your individual capacity. The average time to complete the Private license is 3 months which includes theory and practical training. The average time to complete the Private license, Commercial License, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating and all three Instructor ratings is 12 months.

Aviation Diploma

Licenses & Ratings

Yes, there are different types of licenses. You can obtain a Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC), a Recreational Pilot License (RPL), a Private Pilot License (PPL) or a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). A CPL is required if you intend to obtain work as a pilot.

Some countries will recognise the FAA license and allow you to convert it. You may be required to complete theory exams and a practical check. Maintaining dual licenses will further increase your employment opportunities. We recommend contacting the Civil Aviation Authority for the country that you would like to convert the license to for more information.

Learn To Fly


International travel and study can be a daunting process. With our concierge service we will guide you through each step of the process to assist with completing the applications and planning your travel. We have experience with the Visa application process and we work with highly experienced travel and immigration consultants to manage all of your documentation and travel arrangements. We take care of all the paperwork so that you can focus on your training and enjoy the experience of living and flying in the USA.

With years of experience, we can give you advice on the best study material, text books, and equipment for preflight planning and flight training to ensure you only get the most practical and suitable gear and don’t waste money on gear you don’t need.

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