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About learn to fly usa

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We are experienced in aviation training in both Australia and the USA and have extensive knowledge of the application and migration processes. We also have firsthand experience with identifying high quality flight training providers in the USA that understand and meet the requirements of foreign citizens seeking to undertake international training and license conversion. Our aim is to take care of all the hard work for you, so that you can focus on your training and enjoy flying and living in the USA.

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Why Learn to fly usa

Learn to Fly USA is an Australian-owned and operated, full-service referral and consulting company specialising in all aspects of flight training in the USA and FAA license conversion for foreign citizens.

Learn to Fly USA provides foreign citizens with access to the highest standard of training, modern, safe and well maintained aircraft and facilities, and the amazing experience of living and flying in the USA.

Global Demand

It is a great time to start your career in aviation. Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, the industry was booming with huge demand for Pilots creating a Pilot shortage. During the pandemic a short downturn was experienced during which a significant amount of older Pilots chose to retire early. With the industry now returning to normal, the demand for air travel has increased and the number of Pilots has decreased. We are now facing an even larger world wide Pilot shortage.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 13 percent growth in employment of airline and commercial Pilots between 2020 and 2030 which is “faster than the average for all occupations’. As seen previously during Pilot shortages, this results in excellent employment opportunities and conditions.


Enrolments are now open for training courses commencing in 2024. Apply now to secure your position.