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Learn To Fly USA Services

At Learn To Fly USA we can help you convert your existing foreign license, fly recreationally, learn to fly or upskill, <br>or seek Pilot employment in the USA.

Pilot license concierge service

Visa And Travel Concierge Service

International travel and study can be a daunting process. With our concierge service we will guide you through each step of the process to assist with completing the applications and planning your travel. We have experience with the Visa application process and we work with highly experienced travel and immigration consultants to manage all of your documentation and travel arrangements. We take care of all the paperwork so that you can focus on your training and enjoy the experience of living and flying in the USA.

Accommodation Solutions

We work exclusively with training providers that have experience with international students and that can provide suitable and well priced accommodation solutions. One less thing for you to worry about organising upon your arrival.

Learn To Fly
Learn To Fly

Study Material and Flight Training Equipment

With years of experience, we can give you advice on the best study material, text books, and equipment for preflight planning and flight training to ensure you only get the most practical and suitable gear and don’t waste money on gear you don’t need.

FAA Medical

Save time and money by completing your FAA medical before you leave. We can connect you with DAMEs in your country who are authorised to conduct FAA medical examinations.

Pilot license learn to fly usa medical FAA medical

USA Lifestyle Aviation Attractions

The USA is widely known as the international aviation mecca. With over 13,000 airports, general aviation is a booming industry and culture. Experience aviation history at First Flight Airport in North Carolina where it all began with the Wright Brothers first powered flight in 1903, or attend any of the numerous Air Shows throughout the year including Oshkosh, the largest Air Show in the world .


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